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According to Wikipedia, The last two sins (repetitions of the letter תּ) are "תָּעִינוּ תִּעְתָּעְנוּ" (taw'inu, titawnu) are usually translated as: "We went astray, We led others astray". Occasionally the last word is translated as "You (= the Deity) allowed us to go astray"—the widely used ArtScroll Siddur uses both possibilities,[3] the point ...


This is really a question on a specific translation/interpretation of the word. The OU published an explanatory translation of Viduy. On this translation they comment: You have let us go astray (we lost the merit to benefit from Your help); This reminds me of the statement in the Talmud (several places, including Yoma 38b): בא לטמא פותחין לו One ...


"מחזור המפורש" (Gefen, Jerusalem 5772 Ashkenaz) explains (a few times, but see page לה) that this confession means that we have lead others astray. תעינו מן הדרך הישרה, והתינו אחרים ממנה. ‏ In a footnote there (טו), they cite another explanation: עשינו מעשי תעתועים ומרמה. ‏ Both of these explanations are confessions, and not accusations.

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