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Shulchan Aruch 202:16 reads: On dried pepper and ginger… and anything that, like them, is not eaten except in a mixture, one says no b'racha at all. However, this seems not to be quite as broad in practice as it sounds. Mishna B'rura :79, for example, notes that the no-b'racha on dried pepper and ginger is because "there's no pleasure from them ...


The Bach in O.C. Siman 167 has a nice explanation of this. He starts by pointing out that the word "hamotzi" is the preferred word for the blessing, even though the word "motzi" would suffice, because "hamotzi" implies both past and future tense (Berachos 38a). The intent, he says, is both on this bread which came out of the ground, and on the bread that ...


People I know asked Reb Moshe Feinstein about instant potatoes and he said Ha'adama. His reasoning was that it still lookes like potatoes. Most chassidishe hechsheirim, who print their opinions on the packaging, say to make a shehakol.


According to this site, the bracha is ha'adama, no matter what: "There are some fruits and vegetables which even after a thorough mashing are recognizable due to their unique texture. The examples I know for sure are bananas, eggplant, and potatoes. Therefore, finely mashed potatoes are nevertheless Ha’adoma."

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