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Dose of Halacha explains: The Gemara (Nidda 17a) writes that it is dangerous to leave peeled garlic, onion or egg overnight due to ruach ra’ah, evil spirit. This halacha only applies if the entire onion, garlic or egg is peeled. However, if part of it remains unpeeled, or if it has already been mixed with any other food, it may be eaten (Kaf Hachaim ...


Rabbi Ribiat discusses this in his sefer (The 39 Melochos), starting on page 333 (vol. 2). There are some fruits that are biblically forbidden, some that are rabbinically forbidden, and some that are allowed to be squeezed for juice. The biblically forbidden fruits are grapes and olives, because they are "distinguished especially for their juice." ...


Where the product is made directly from the whole vegetable as with Kellogg's corn flakes the brocho is Hoadomoh. Where the vegetable has been mashed and reconsituted the brocho is shehakol. (see p 31 of the Handbook for the Halochos of Brochos). You can see this from the different brocho for Kellogg's and Kemach corn flakes at Star-K online and the brocho ...


A kashrut certificate. As per the comments above, there are likely issues with grapes and bugs. As such, even a vegan restaurant requires certification to be kosher.

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