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In my answer to another question, I summarized the approach of R' Goldvicht ZT"L as to why Yosef did not reveal himself to his brothers. The climax of that answer is that when Yosef saw that Yehuda was willing to put himself on the line to save Binyomin, he understood that the perceived jealousy that had existed between the other brothers and the sons of ...


Derishos Shabbos - The Apta Rav - page 231 - top left says that Shechem was given as payment for Yosef taking care of Yaakov's burial, which the other brother's were unable to do. ושכם הרי אינו נותנו לו בחנם רק עבור מה שמטריח אותו בקבורתו מה שאין סיפק ביתר הבנים לעשותו

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