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I have seen this done in two ways. First, in one Orthodox school I know of, teachers explain that we are all in Hashem's "army" (I know, many hate war metaphors) whose job it is to do mitzvos, and that we all have a uniform we wear. Boys wear a kippah and tzitzis as their uniform, and girls dress tznius as their uniform. The issue of war metaphors aside, I ...


You could suggest all sorts of hairs to split, but the simplest would be to say they're following rabbis other Rav Moshe. E.g. R' Getzel Ellinson challenged Rav Moshe on this heter.


First of all is to make the same 'harchaka' or whatever you want to call this procedure for ALL the women that come visit. Besides for this being more in tune with all the advisc and halachos Chazzal ever gave on the subject (for instance yichud is yichud no matter what - how old or degree of attractiveness), in this way the uncomfortable situation of ...

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