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This illustration appeared on a number of texts from the period: it was the printers' mark of the Bragadini brothers, who for a time (and together with Bomberg) held a virtual monopoly on the publication of Jewish books in Venice. As to whether or not you consider it halakhically sound, bear in mind that (like Bomberg) they weren't Jewish. That same ...


It's a well-known issue and can be found in some other books. See for instance these posts.


Stick to your guns: more often than you think, you are not the first negiah-observant Jew to meet them. I remember once when I felt maybe I should shake hands for some reason (I think we were wearing gloves or something). Anyways, I stalled for a few minutes. Later, the other person came to me on the side and kind of whispered, "You guys don't shake hands ...


I have seen that holding your hands behind your back and bowing slightly in deference usually forestalls any attempt to shake your hand. Also saying you have a cold always helps. Oh, and being honest and proud of keeping halachos of tznius


The source in Halacha is Shulchan Arukh EH 21:1 צריך אדם להתרחק מהנשים מאד מאד...ואסור לשחוק עמה...‏ A man must distance himself from women very, very much...it is forbidden to play with her... among lots of other things men shouldn't be doing with unrelated women. Many of the specific examples brought there and elsewhere in older texts have ...


If you really need a Shulchan Aruch which addresses this type of issue, I'll quote from the end of hilchos yom tov siman 529 where the Mechaber just finished talking about simchas yom tov and what bad things can come out from too much fun. He then brings from the Rambam: "Beis Din is required to appoint watchmen on the festivals to go wandering and ...

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