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This is very strange, the gemara says they gave malkos to a man for being intimate with his wife publicly, and that this was because people were parutz in this ve'haysa ha'shaah tzerichah le'kach, but that seems to be about it.


I think you are asking about three separate issues Until what age can one see one's daughter nude? Can one pray in front of naked child? Can one pray near a toilet/potty? You are welcome to edit your question if somehow you wanted to ask for different things. Briefly, 1. Until what age can one see one's daughter nude? I don't believe there is an issue ...


Quotes from two of Rabbi Leib Tropper's Shoel Umaishiv emails: Dec 24, '15: Rav Moshe [Feinstein], zt'l took the position that the choson only earns the status of 'Choson' after the chupah.‎ Therefore if after the Choson's Tish people would daven mincha he would also say ‎'Tachnun'. He would not stand up for the Choson or the Kalah as they walk ...

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