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How about "For reasons of modesty I don't shake hands with the opposite gender- it's lovely to make your acquaintance / see you." It's the truth and it's to the point.


I found this: משנה. מי שהיה עבד או אשה או קטן מקרין אותו – עונה אחריהן מה שהן אומרין, ותבא לו מאירה. אם היה גדול מקרא אותו – עונה אחריו הללויה, מקום שנהגו לכפול – יכפול, לפשוט – יפשוט, לברך – יברך, הכל כמנהג המדינה. One who has a slave, a woman, or a minor read [the Hallel] to him, he must repeat after them what they say, and a curse be ...


The obligation for women to drink 4 cups like men from the Gemoro in Pesochim 108b. ת"ר: הכל חייבין בארבעה כוסות הללו, אחד אנשים ואחד נשים Reasons given are that although women are exempt from time-bound mitzvos, here women were also involved in the miracles. Further it was in their merit that we were redeemed and they also suffered the enslavement ...


Congratulations on your willingness to take on a challenging mitzvah at a young age. There is an actual halachic question here which I think people have missed. You want to know how to balance tznius laws with the laws about respecting parents, etc., when your family is embarrassed by how you dress. Although I have seen some sources suggest that Rabbinical ...

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