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R Yosef Shalom Elyashiv is quoted in Mishmeret HaTaharah (by his student R Moshe Mordechai Karp) Siman 195 footnote 207 and 209 as ruling that if her husband is used to hearing her voice (רגיל בו) and she isn't singing specifically to him (whereby R' Elyashiv thinks there would be a general problem of levity שחוק וקלות ראש) then there would be no prohibition ...


A related question was recently on The Workplace, and one of the answers there offered a phrasing I like. While dodging the physical interaction (more about that in a moment), you can say "I'm sorry, my religion allows me to shake hands only with my wife" (or husband, for women in this position). Or you could say "touch" instead of "shake hands with" if ...

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