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Avos DeRabbi Nasan (7:3) defines the problem as bringing home gossip to your wife, how you were treated negatively, how you treated others in response, etc. According to that, the medium of communication - speaking, writing, in person or at a distance - seems irrelevant.


Modesty has many aspects. Maybe you're asking if dressing immodestly because of feeling comfortable is better than 'modestly' for the world to see. In a way you're right since people notice when women are trying to show off or when they are trying to be comfortable, and for a normal person, the latter should be less attracting. However, you cant expect ...


Reb Shlomo Zalman Orbach zt"l writes in Minchas Shlomo 103:15 that exposing the stockings is Pritzus and is considered Gilui, since clothing that is usually covered is akin to exposing the flesh. He bases this on the Bach and Shach in Yoreh Deia 340:22 on the Halacha of when a woman rips her clothing for kriah that she turns it around. They write that this ...

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