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From http://tekhelet.com/tekhelet/ask-ptil-tekhelet/ Q. Who is the mashgiach on the process making sure it's lishma, etc.? Who gives the official hechsher? A. R. Eliyahu Tavger is the Rav of the Amuta. The workers doing the dyeing, spinning, twining of the threads are all yirei shamayim Jews who are very careful to state explicitly before every ...


The double knot at the top is midoraisa. That's what fulfills the mitzvah The other knots developed and became custom. Some are based on the ari z"l and other kabbalistic sources but it doesn't matter if you have that first double knot. A bigger question would be wearing wool or cotton. http://steinsaltz.org/learning.php?pg=Daf_Yomi&articleId=2302

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