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The body of the garment that the tzitzit are attached to is not a davar shebekedusha, but the strings are very much so. In fact, the most mehadrin of strings are spun with tzitzit making in mind. Tying tzitzit is not a bathroom activity. Also, it is probably something that would be easier to do at a desk.


The שו״ת זכרון יהודה או״ח סי׳ ט׳ explains that the reason for taking two tzitzis (as opposed to all four) is because ברוך שאמר mentions the word ברוך ten times corresponding to the עשרת הדברות, and therefore we take two tzitzis which together have ten knots.


from http://doseofhalacha.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/a-colourful-debate.html Question: I see some men walking around with a blue techeles thread on their tzitzis. If we know what techeles is, why don’t we all wear it? Answer: Wearing techeles was always an integral part of the mitzva of wearing tzitzis. Unfortunately, however, the art of making techeles ...

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