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I have never heard this given as the reason, but I suppose it is possible: R' Menashe Klein writes that there is an issue with tucking the garment in and pulling the strings out to hang down, since the garments are often made very long in order to ensure they are the proper size, when they are pulled out it will inevitably end up pulling up the bottom of ...


Here's a theory, not sourced from a tshuva, but quoting a source so.... Originally the וראיתם אתו וזכרתם etc. was assumed to mean that our attention was focused on the techeiles, as seen in Sota 17a (and Menachos 43b and Chulin 89a) which brought us to וזכרתם את כל מצות ה׳ etc, being that techeiles resembles the sea which resembles the Rakia which ...


I'd heard in yeshiva that back when people did their own knots, you didn't want to shame those whose knots weren't so pretty, so the practice became to tuck in the knots and only expose the strings.


I have two hypotheses: 1) If a major rav were to come out with a clear psak in favor, or just start wearing techelet publicly himself, it would be a whole lot to carry on his shoulders. As far as I know, most poskim are hesitant to tackle the question at all. Even Rav Moshe Karp was staunchly opposed to wearing techelet, but when one of his sons came home ...

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