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The religious significance in wearing a prayer shawl lies specifically in the tzitzit fringes themselves. Technically any garment of four corners can be used as a prayer shawl, so long as it has the tzitziyot on them. As for a non-Jew wearing tzitzit, there is nothing offensive or wrong with your wearing tzitzit so long as you are aware that you do so on a ...


They are still woolen. Since tallitot and tzitziot are under strict supervision, they are (wrongly?) assumed to be safe. Source: My uncle, a Toldos Aharon chassid.


Tzitzis are never required to be worn all day. However we who choose to wear them at all times have no diffrentiation between at home or outside. A kippa may or may not be a different story but as far back as the times the shulchan aruch and maharshal seems everybody was wearing them everywhere.


R. Schachter's sefarim are available at the annual YU Seforim Sale that takes place every February or so. Most of them can be read electronically through the Otzar Hachachmah database. However, if you're just interested in the article on techeiles, which is only six pages long, those pages are available online via the techelet website: page 13 page 14 ...

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