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EDIT: My initial reading of the shulchan aruch was wrong. According to the cited sources, a cape such as described in the question (a typical superhero cape), would not require tzitzit as it only has two corners at the bottom According to the shulchan aruch (O.C. 10:7 and 10:8) a cape as you have described (open up front, and usualy tied up top) would ...


The question revolves around whether or not you were Masiach Daas - a mental interruption or not. This question is a dispute among the poskim as to what is considered a hesech hadaas. The Shulchan Aruch (סימן ח' סי"ד) says ואם פשט טליתו אפילו היה דעתו לחזור ולהתעטף בו מיד צריך לברך כשיחזור ולהתעטף בו. If one took his Tallis off, even if he had in mind ...

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