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First of all, to clarify what the question is/should be, there's no obligation to wear tzitzis under normal circumstances, unless one is wearing a four cornered garment. Hence, the fact that tzitzis aren't in the list of clothing is not a problem; they aren't commanded in wearing an extra garment to put on tzitzis, just as no Jew is obligated (strictly ...


I didn't see you ask about the halachic permissibility of doing this. (I don't THINK it's a problem, but I need to research). There are just plain practical reasons for the tallit "fold". It is long, and in some cases, esp. while seated, the tzitzit are on the floor. I read the Torah, and my shul has some huge tallitot that I nickname "tablecloths". When I ...


I never encountered this problem, and, no, I am not exaggerating, either. Perhaps, it may be that my daily tallit is relatively short (yes, it is the minimal required length, and, it is not a "shawl", if you're curious). But, from your description, I can envision the problem. One suggestion - Most people fold part of the tallit over their shoulders so, at ...


I hold both my hands far from my body when winding the shel-yad strap, and make sure the nondominant-hand side of my talis lies on my chest and the top of my shoulder, not on my arm. Then the two don't mingle.


Going on ten years and I'm proud to say I'm a recovering twister. There is one thing that I find helps. Putting on the tephilin slowly and carefully. It seems this would usually happen when I was late and in a rush, and like you say by the time I looked down to see what was going on, it was too late. Going slow has worked for me.


As a disclaimer, I still have this problem, and I got much consolation from seeing it once happen to R' Tzvi Berkowitz, who has been putting on a tallis and tefillin for around 4 decades. What has mitigated the issue for me, is to put my shel yad strap draped over the chair in front of me as I wrap it, so that it doesn't droop near my tallis strings. Then ...

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