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A poor person cannot eat Terumah unless he is a Kohein or part of a Kohein's family. Poverty doesn't help in any way. (See Rambam Terumot 11:27 for a similar case.) (You can give a poor person Demai (Rambam Maaserot 10:11), but that isn't what you asked about.) If you want to be nice though, and the poor person is female, you can marry her so she can eat ...


If you give an addict the resources to indulge their unhealthy addiction, it's not only not tzedaka, it's likely a violation of the prohibition of "lo titein michshol" ("Before the blind put not a stumbling block") or at least "mesayea yedei ovrei aveira" (aiding sinners).


Rabbi Goldberg translated Shulchan Aruch Yore Deah: The Laws of Tzedakah and quotes: Siman 250 : How much is Proper to Give to Each Poor Person   1) How much do we give to a poor person – whatever the poor person is lacking. How so? If the poor person is hungry, then we feed him. If he lacks proper clothing, then we clothe him. If he lacks household ...

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