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In my experience the Shuls that are expecting a donation make a special Mi Shebeirach after the Mi Shebeirach of the Aliya. Ultimately those that do not want to or can not afford to donate say Tziva Lvarcham.


The answer would depend on what is considered acceptable in the community where you are collecting. If the average collector got e.g. 25% than you would have to inform the giver if you were to take more. If the prevailing attitude is that any percentage is OK as long as it meets the requirements described in the link you provided than that would be OK too. ...


Rabbi David Feinstein rules that Maaser ksafim only comes into play after one pays all of his living expenses, including food rent tuition clothing etc. Whatever money is put away as extra is subject to the minhag we call Maaser Ksafim. Reb Elyashev has gone on record to say that paying for children's weddings is part of one's cost of living so all money put ...

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