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I think the word וטהר is used to indicate complete healing, as in ובא השמש וטהר (see Brachos 2a "טהר יומא").


Doesn't this require that God intervene in nature in a very obvious way on a regular basis? The answer to this question is yes Originally, miracles occurred on a regular basis. We see this from the list of miracles that existed during the first temple. Additionally, the prophets were active and were able to perform miracles. We also see that the Bnai ...


It's not so much leaving Mitzraim as it is being on the road traveling. See the Rashbam on Devarim 24 8-9. The basic azhara is against lashon hara and tzaras. The Torah singles out Miriam's storyto point out that when it comes to being masgir someone and sending them out of the camp, we should be careful to follow through and not be blinded by their stature. ...

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