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In Kesses Hasofer (written by the author of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried)) it seems that if the animal was killed without shechita, its skin is of the lowest quality. See the end of siman 2 sif 1: וגם עור שליל מקרי עור לענין זה וכותבין עליו ם״ת תו״מ והוא המובחר ואחר כך עור העוף ואח״כ עור החיה ואח״כ עור בהמה ואחר כך עור נבלה ...


There are no such laws specific to Tefillin though you are correct that we have laws prohibiting cruelty to animals in general.


it seams that the shulchan aruch harav summaries these laws like this 328.19 to relieve a human of suffering if no Gentile is available if the he is so sick that he fell because of it into laying (due to his sickness he needs to lye down) or he has an ache that is so painful that his whole body became weak (even though he is walking he is considered ...

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