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Seder Hadoros puts the births of both of them in the same year (2233), and also cites Nesiv Hayashar quoting Birkas Shmuel that they were indeed twins.


A few years ago there was a tehilim drive for a sick baby pre-bris and the tehilim name being used was Tinok Ben Aviva until they were eventually able to do a bris. The child's father is an established Rabbi , currently leading this congregation and many congregations used this name worldwide, so I assume this is the accepted practice. Not sure how to handle ...


Yichus for nonjews according to Jewish law follows the mother. See Rambam hilchos milachim umilchamos chapter 9 halacha 5. Therefore these children are complete siblings as far as we are concerned. I would like to add for the sake of clarity however that even relationships that are allowed such as a father marrying a daughter are off limits due to the fact ...


.מנחות דף לז בעא מיניה פלימו מרבי מי שיש לו שני ראשים באיזה מהן מניח תפילין א"ל או קום גלי או קבל עלך שמתא אדהכי אתא ההוא גברא א"ל איתיליד לי ינוקא דאית ליה תרי רישי כמה בעינן למיתב לכהן אתא ההוא סבא תנא ליה חייב ליתן לו י' סלעים איני והתני רמי בר חמא מתוך שנאמר פדה תפדה את בכור האדם שומע אני אפילו נטרף בתוך ל' ת"ל אך חלק שאני הכא דבגולגולת תלא ...


It was Shabbos morning and one was born naturally and one one was born via a c-section. The one born naturally has his Bris the following Shabbos, the one born via c-section has his Bris on Sunday the 9th day. http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/634611/jewish/Can-a-circumcision-be-conducted-on-Shabbat.htm


There are a number of halachic issues, for example, the Gemarah in Menachot (page 37) discusses conjoined twins with regard to tefillin, and Piskei Teshuvot 225:20 in name of Sh”t Shevut Yacov 1:4 writes that one may make the blessing of "Meshaneh HaBriyot" on Siamese twins. The most famous/talked about is the ethical/halachic dilemma of separating twins ...

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