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I may have found them myself! To clarify, this is not the Yehuda HaLevi of the Kuzari; it is the other Yehuda HaLevi, a student of Eliezer HaKalir. They are brought in Sefer Tehilla L'David, a collection of Torah sources on Tu B'Shvat. Here it is:


Thanks for the link to the Hebrew text - it just came in very handy! Let me add that Galaski's translation is indeed in the JPS-published anthology Trees, Earth, and Torah, edited by Ari Elon; I own a paper copy but have also been able to access the whole of that section on Google Books.


Well there's this Rabbi Adir HaKohen who brings a small siman (from Rosh HaShanah daf 14b) for why the focus is the evening. In addition, here's a collection of halachos for Tu BiShvat, where the rabbi brings one source for day (Even Yisrael) and two for night (Yafe LaLev and Moed Lekol Chai). Do not know these sources well enough, sorry :)

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