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I had a script run through mechon-mamre's text. There are four verses with four, and none with more than that. (Actually, two of the verses are essentially a statement and its echo.) They are: II Samuel 17:9 הִנֵּ֨ה עַתָּ֤ה הֽוּא־נֶחְבָּא֙ בְּאַחַ֣ת הַפְּחָתִ֔ים א֖וֹ בְּאַחַ֣ד הַמְּקוֹמֹ֑ת וְהָיָ֗ה כִּנְפֹ֤ל בָּהֶם֙ בַּתְּחִלָּ֔ה וְשָׁמַ֤ע הַשֹּׁמֵ֨עַ֙ ...


Here is a partial answer. Shaarei Zimra says that there are 5 locations total in Tanach with these two combinations. Two you mentioned. 3 - Melachim2 17:13 שֻׁבוּ מִדַּרְכֵיכֶם הָרָעִים 4 - Yechezkel 48:10 וּלְאֵלֶּה תִּהְיֶה תְרוּמַת הַקֹּדֶשׁ 5 - Tzefania 2:15 זֹאת הָעִיר הָעַלִּיזָה Over here he explains why we sing the Gayrshayim first however I do ...


Let me explain a bit about the Yetiv. A Yetiv is grammatically equivalent to a Pashta (3rd order disjunctive like Revi'i). It replaces Pashta on words with the accent on the opening syllable which do not have any assistants (words immediately prior with conjunctive accents). (This latter condition is similar to how Zakef Katan becomes Zakef Gadol and Segol ...


Mechon Mamre has the kadma modifying the 'yod' of yom, as does the Aleppo Codex, as seen in this screenshot taken by DoubleAA:


In their "about me" page, the founder says that he is Shami (Damascene) Syrian. As a result, I would infer that the niggunim and te'amim are also Syrian rather than Maghrebi. http://www.sephardichazzanut.com/about.htm


I'm actually working on a siddur right now! I have been using InDesign and Mellel (both require a license, and Mellel is more affordable). If you are using a Mac, the most up-to-date version of Pages has RTL support. One thing to be aware of with InDesign is that if you're not careful, words may migrate between lines (a problem only with justified text). ...


I'm Netanel, from Israel. My father-in-law is Baal-Kore and he is also Mori in his Yemenite community. He is very professional and teaching kids for Bar-Mitzva as a way of life. If it is still relevant, you are most welcome to contact me and we will arrange it. We will find the way to do it.

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