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The issue is not just whether something is or is not a prayer, but also whether it is a דבר שבקדושה. The Beit Yosef brings (OC 565:5) in the name of the Rashba that an individual (not in a minyan) shouldn't say the 13 Attributes in the context of בקשת רחמים (requesting mercy), since that is a דבר שבקדושה (learned from the gemara on Rosh Hashanah 17b). ...


The rules are complicated, but three of the more obvious explanations are (a) the syllable preceding the tone is open; (b) the word is compound, and/or (c) elongated words will require extra cantillation for the purposes of fuller melody. Reference: Wickes, William (1887). Two Treatises on the Accentuation of the Old Testament. Oxford: Clarendon Press, ...


According to Idehlson the Sephardim/Mizrahim of older times did not have melodies for all of the te'amim. This could mean that as time went on the different communities started mixing and bringing additional melodies to each other. Source: Idehlson's Thesaurus of Oriental Hebrew Melodies Volume 2

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