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An Acharon - I don't remember which - says that anything which is not a "pri", i.e. does not have the shape and form of a fruit - can not be said "borei pri ha'etz" upon, since the actual words of the bracha are not literally true.


Tosefos to Berachos 36b, s.v. ברטיבא, writes that sap gets a העץ based on a verse, כי יערי אם דבשי (Shir Hashirim ch. 5).


Cinnamon is hadomo OU guide , saider 6.19 See laws below that only the friut of a tree has the borcho hoaitz, but liquids (excluding what comes from olives and graips) are shehakol (Regarding smell, sap has the brocho as it comes from a tree atzai vsomim saider 11.6 source bach 216 d"h vhamstki in rashi and ran name, m"a 216.8, eliya raba 216.10) Saider ...


The Kabala discusses the mystical reasons behind Birkat Hailanot. The Chida writes that there are different neshamot that might be locked up in the trees and by making the bracha we release them. This is consistent with the idea that we make the bracha in Nissan and on fruit trees (because freeing up the neshamot is a parallel to the blossoming of the ...


R Eliezer Melamed (Rosh Yeshiva in Har Bracha) writes that it is We have already learned that the mitzvah of settling the Land of Israel does not involve only conquering it, but also requires the settling and developing of every part of it. The Ramban stresses this point that "We should not leave the Land under foreign rule or desolate, as it ...


According to the shulchan aruch harav capers are hoadomo too, being that they are planted for their leaves too.

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