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The כלי יקר seems to discuss both your approaches - making it seem that Chazal didn't voice a [strong] opinion either way. He first mentions the popular approach that עִמָּהּ means that she intended him to share her fate. ותתן גם לאישה עמה. מלת עמה. פירשו המפרשים כדי שיהיה עמה תמיד ולא ישא אחרת כשתמות היא. ‏ He then tries 2 approaches to make the ...


The question was asked by the Satmer Rav quoted here. As cited there he answered The customs are indeed appropriate. On the day when trees are “judged,” we are interested in determining the success of the tree during the previous year. That is done by assessing what it has produced. On the other hand, when our focus is on the fruit and we want to assess ...

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