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if she confesses she won't be put to death by Beis Din since you need 2 witnesses for that. and if there are 2 witnesses then she won't be tested by the sota water, hence there are not 2 witnesses. therefore, she would be saving her life from the water by confessing and would not be executed by beis din.


The Maharsha asks your question. He answers that, although grandsons are like sons for some things (e.g. the mitzvah of pru urvu), a grandson doesn't count as a son with regard to honoring. This implies that there is no independent obligation to honor a grandfather.


To my surprise, it turns out that neither the Rif nor the Rosh ever penned commentaries to those two masekhtas. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia articles ("Alfasi, Isaac ben Jacob" and "Asher ben Jehiel", respectively), the Rif's Sefer haHalakhot covers only Berakhot, Shabbat, Eruvin, Pesachim, Ta'anit, Beitzah, Rosh haShana, Yoma, Sukkah, Megillah, ...

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