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Bava Basra 123a says that since she hated the ways of Eisav therefore she got pregnant. אלא ראה הקב״ה ששנואין מעשה עשו בפניה ויפתח רחמה


Rav Hirsch explains that Not "Ki Leah Senuah", that Leah was hated, but כִּי שְׂנוּאָה לֵאָה that the hated one of the two, i.e. the less beloved, was Leah. ... It is significant that the real pith of the Jewish nation has not the one for its mother whom Jacob - as far as the text itself relates - chose primarily more for the impression her ...


As per DanF's comment and the commentary of the Stone Chumash: Ramban cites Radak that Jacob surely loved Leah, but that his greater love for Rachel made her seem unloved -- or even hated -- by comparison.

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