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Megila 30a - 9 lines from the bottom has a dispute as to what is the third Shabbos. The Tanna Kama says the Shabbos immediately after Purim, and Rabbi Chama B'Rab Chanina says it is the Shabbos that is closer to Nissan. The Gemara says there is no dispute, it depends when Rosh Chodesh Nisaan occurs. If it occurs on Shabbos then Parshas Para will be read on ...


The verses don't sat that the reading takes place between the 11th and the 15th. Rather this is derived in the Gemara (Megillah 2b) from various phrases in the Megillah including the words "vlo yaavor" Incidentally, even had the Megillah listed the days, v'lo yaavor could still be valuable for teaching us an actual prohibition of performin kriyas hamegillah ...

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