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The Magain Avraham (O.C. 156) quoting the Yam Shel Shlomo says that it is to not say something disgusting (and it should be said in general, not specifically about the Mesechta name). The Teferes Yisroel (beginning of the Meschta) doesn't like that explanation and suggest instead it is to avoid confusing it with the word בצע which caused a mistake in ...


This is an excellent question! I don't think that I can answer it definitively, but the following information might be of use to you. If you have a look at Avraham Grossman's Rashi (trans. Joel Linsider; The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2012), you will see that he features a bit of a discussion of this issue on pp145-147. He quotes various ...


1) The reason I have heard is that it is a matter of etiquette. בצים is a Hebrew euphemism for testicles, so some people, especially chasidim, are careful to use the Aramaic word for egg instead. 2) No, because the Aramaic word for egg is ביעא with a silent yud.


The most important part of the perush of the Raav is: ה"ק - הכי קאמר That is to say that the Mishna is NOT explained according the simple pshat. The simple pshat is the Hava Amina of Abaye in Beitza 15a - this corresponds to your 2nd pshat. However the Maskana of Gemara is הכי קאמר , and corresponds [roughly] to your 1st pshat. Raav and Kehati follow the ...


The rule the mishna gives relates to the state of an object, but specific objects will be prohibited regardless of their state. Unfinished items may not be sent, while finished items may generally be sent, and the rule for determining if an item is completed is if you can use it as-is. Spiked sandals are something which are specifically prohibited as an item ...


The Rambam never permitted cooking Nevelah meat with milk. He only permitted deriving benefit from the mixture. Cooking Nevelah meat with milk is still prohibited (Maachalot Asurot 9:6).


Tosfos agrees that boneh is assur min hatorah when it is not for yom tov. As such, there is a maris ayin to carry a ladder since an observer may very well suspect the ladder carrier of fixing a roof for a non yom tov need.

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