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Mei Menuchos, by Rabbi Nachman Kahana, is a clear and systematic explanation of Tosfos (in Hebrew), and is available free online for several mesechtos: http://nachmankahana.com/mei-menuchos/


The Daf Yomi Advancement Forum - dafyomi.co.il - has an English point-by-point translation of every Tosfos in the Maseches, in its entirety. They cover the entire Shas until the end of Avoda Zara - and I'm sure they are working on the last few Mesachtot. Each Tosfos starts with a summary, and then each phrase is brought in the original and then explained ...


There is a set of Shaarei Tosafos which explains each Tosafos, in Hebrew, really well.


Mesivta is a running Hebrew commentary with footnotes which includes a full explanation of Rashi Tosfos and the major issues and how the Rishonim and Achronim deal with it It has about 120 volumes covering all of Shas. You can view some of its features here http://www.oz-vehadar.com/en/department/16/editions-of-the-metivta


Artscroll has many but not all tosfos explained in footnotes.

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