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According to the Art Scroll Siddur in Shacharis for Shabbos (page 440 in the RCA edition) this is the quote from Devorim 4:4 in order to show that those called to the Torah are being blessed because they are completely loyal to it. This connection that is continuing is shown by the fact that we continue to call those who are being brought for the aliyos. Rav ...


It's possible to run into a situation in which you have no choice but to double up. For an extreme example, suppose you have a minyan of exactly ten men, and it's a Shabbat on which you take out three Torah scrolls. Then, your Torah service honors include seven regular aliyot, maftir, opening the ark, two Torah-carriers, three hagbahas, and three gelilas, ...


Yes. I've been in a good number of orthodox synagogues in which the same person took out the Torah scroll and received an aliya. These include Young Israel of St. Louis (Mo.), Agudas Israel of St. Louis (Mo.), Agudath Israel of Madison (Brooklyn, N.Y.), and Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto (Ont.).

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