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If you can afford it, his hospital or medical deductible.


Shulchan Aruch O"C 135:12: עיר שכולה כהנים אם יש ישראל אחד ביניהם אותו ישראל קורא ראשון מפני דרכי שלום וכל שאין בהם ישראל כדי סיפוקם או שאין שם ישראל כלל קורא כהן אחר כהן שאין שם משום פגם שהכל יודעים שאין שם אלא כהנים והוא הדין לעיר שכולה לוים:‏ A city in which all are Kohanim, If there is one Yisrael among them, he's called up first because of ...


I have been a gabbai and my sons are gabbaim. My sons refer to their brothers as 'Ploni ben Avi Mori' and their sons as 'Bni Ploni' without using their own names. I think that they would also refer to their wives as 'Ishti Plonis bas Ploni' and that is often how I would do it when I was gabbai. Note that we would first check with the rav of the shul to make ...


There are several issues. When I learned about it, the main issues involve if the child was born Jewish or not. This is from memory and from knowing someone that it affected. If the child was born Jewish and if the biological father was Jewish, then he should be called by the biological father's name. If the child was born Jewish and the biological father ...

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