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"סבירין" doesn't mean a variant and possibly correct opinion, but a mistaken one. In that sense it's like "sic" in English. R. Elya Bochur, Masores Hamasores: דע כי סבירין הוא ענין מחשבה כוזבת, ר"ל שאדם חושב ומדמה בלבו שהוא כן ואינו כן Know that סבירין means a false thought, meaning that a person thinks and imagines in his heart that it is so but ...


The Mishna Berurah in siman 139 #16 makes a distinction between someone who started to finish the bracha by saying the name of Hashem in ברוך אתה ה׳ נותן התורה or not. If he did not say Hashem's name of the finishing bracha yet, he stops and says אשר בחר בנו. If he has already said that Shem Hashem, he finishes that bracha, the Torah is read, and ...

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