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To publicize that it's rosh chodesh. Rama, OC 48. (Everyone already knows it's yom tov by yom tov morning. MB there, citing the L'vush. And on Shabas, as you mention in the question, we don't read the verses from the Torah scroll, so we recite them earlier. SA there.)


I believe this is the same reason we do not say the blessing on dwelling in the Sukkah on Shemini Atzereth, namely, to make a verbal declaration (or an action*) on Yom Tov that implies that it is chol would be considered a profanation of the sanctity of the day. *such a waving the four species; this reasoning is also used to justify the controversial custom ...


The law is in shulchan aruch orach Chaim 490 I guess that it is the same reason that we are strict to say shehechyanu (and do everything) on the second day as on the first day (since we live by the calander now lasy people might say it is not the same as the first day and we can do what we want) As the shulchan aruch harav 490.1 sais ... יבאו ...

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