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Jewish Prayers: Tahanun states The reason that extra sections are added on Mondays and Thursdays is because, according to tradition, these days are favorable times for God to respond to our pleas. Ever since court sessions began to be held on these days in the Temple era, they have been seen as days of judgment. Also, Moses ascended Mt. Sinai on the ...


You're understating the facts when you say that "we are not supposed to learn Torah, in general from afternoon of Erev Tish'a B'av until after chatzot of Tish'a B'av": we're not allowed until nightfall. Source: Mishna B'rura 554:1. But someone who will read the Torah, even the afternoon reading, is allowed to review it. Source: MB 554:8.


The practice among the Kohanim that I know is to leave from before the Yisroel is called up until after he starts Baruchu. Then they come back. If they come back before that, they may need to get the Aliyah and the Yisroel held that Bimah until the third Aliyah. Source - observed practice (I was the Yisroel in that situation many years ago - and that is ...


The source for those who begin one verse earlier is the Eishel Abraham of Butatach (Siman 138) who explains that this is because the custom is to chant the verse "Eicha Esa Levadi" in the same tune as Megillas Eicha and it is therefore considered a "tochecha" (reproach) and we do not begin an Aliyah negatively. See also the Likutey Maharich (3:52:1) who ...

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