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I have seen this practice in action in a Yemenite shul in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel. I got called up for an 'aliya, and the gabbai leined on my behalf, but I was the ignorant exception. They also had a boy reading Targum after (if I recall correctly) each 'aliya.


הלכה - דיני קריאת התורה by Rabbi Naftali Hoffner says that after a Kohain gets an Aliya, if there is no Levi, the same Kohain must get the next Aliya. He bases this on Mishna Berura 135:28. What is done in my Shul when 2 people who are both Yisraelim need an Aliya is that one receives Hagba instead. The Rabbi himself took Hagba in such a situation and thus ...

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