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From the Biur Halacha in siman 511 it seems to not be dependant on a particular statistic, but rather on general regularity of use. Concerning smoking he writes: והרבה מקילין, ועיקר טעם כולם משום דעכשיו שהרבה רגילין בזה נעשה שוה בכל נפש. Notice his use of the word הררבה, many, he did not write רוב or מיעוט המצוי. Simply הרבה, meaning many. Another ...


Rabbi Moshe Feinstin writes in Igros Moshe (OH vol. 5 ch. 34) writes that it is shaveh l'chol nefesh. More accurately, he writes that the custom is for smoker to smoke on Yom Tov as well. Although he notes that it could be argued that this is not shaveh l'chol nefesh since people avoid smoking due to health concerns, he concludes that it is difficult to ...

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