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Natai Gavriel (Shidduchim V'Tanaim 23:17) says this is not a good custom - and recommends giving out delicacies instead - but in the footnote notes that מנהגי לעלוב does bring this custom as a way of avoiding Eiyen Hara - in other words, of reducing any jealous reaction among those who hear the news.


Toothpaste, lip balm, lipstick, perfumes and colognes are things very religious Jews have issues with when not having a hechsher... I on the other hand think otherwise... For more or less the same reason as why vaping is not a problem


Inhaling vapour isn't eating or drinking and we derive zero nutrients from it. In my opinion the only sin caused by vapour is that it causes harm to your body, though in a far less manner than smoke from a cigaret so it's less problematic. Nothing to do with kashrut! I'd feel worst eating bacon flavoured chips that are certified kosher than vaping. Unless ...

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