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Rabbi Yissochor Frand qoutes Harav Isser Zalman Meltzer in regards to davening vasikin (which halachically is more significant) that mainstream judiasm has stopped emphasizing vasikin because it leaves people too tired to learn well the rest of the day.


I have seen a very good article (possibly by Slifkin) that explains that in the days before candles became cheap and people's sleep cycles were defined by dusk and dawn, it was quite normal to wake up in the middle of the night and tikkun chatzos was less "out of the way". I am still trying to find that article, but I have found a similar article that ...


Firstly, as has been mentioned, Sefardim (Eidot HaMizrach) do say it, as that is how their Shacaharit begins. See the order here - and notice how it comes right after ברכות השחר and ברכות התורה. During the 3 weeks it's not unusual (in Jerusalem) to see people sitting on the steps of the Aaron HaKodesh before Mincha Gedola reciting Tikun Chatzos. ...

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