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When I was a student at Yeshivat Har Etzion, R' Binyamin Tabory gave a Shi'ur on Ma'aseh Rav, based on the Rav's teachings and Minhagim. When he discussed Sefirah, the Three Weeks, etc., he said that if, hypothetically, one could go to a movie at all (which he did not feel was so simple, for reasons relating to issues of modesty - he said he once went to a ...


Nitei Gavriel Bain HaMatzarim page 101 says that one may get engaged during the period of 17 Tamuz - 29 Tamuz, however no music or dancing is allowed. Page 102 says that according to Ashkenazik custom we do not get married the entire 3 weeks, however Sefardic custom is to allow weddings during the period of 17 Tamuz - 29 Tamuz. Page 105 says that one is ...


Nitei Gavriel Aveilus2 3:1 says that the prohibition of cutting hair beyond 30 days is only for a parent, which requires one to be told that he looks unkempt prior to taking a haircut. For one who is mourning a child or sibling the prohibition is only for 30 days and then may cut his hair immediately after the 30 days whenever he wants because the Aveilus ...


See SA YD Siman 245:10, The teacher should not strike him (the student) harshly only lightly. Also see the Mishna (Makkos 8) and the Gemara on it (8b). Also see here and here.


For Ashkenazim, it seems that an individual cannot buy furniture during the Three Weeks but a couple or a family can: http://www.torah.org/advanced/weekly-halacha/5761/matos.html http://www.torah.org/advanced/weekly-halacha/5765/matos.html Sefardim disagree and do not allow it: http://dailyhalacha.com/m/halacha.aspx?id=947

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