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First, some background information: The passuq in question is Bereshith 28:16 - "Wayyiqass Ya'aqov mishenatho wayomer akhen yesh HaShem ba-maqom ha-zeh wa-anokhi lo yadha`ti" Translation: "And Ya`aqov awoke from his sleep and said, 'Surely HaShem is in this place and I did not know it." However, the Targum Onqelos renders the sense (cf. ...


As I heard from a professional physicist quote a Nobel prize winning physicist that he works with "People think that physics is about what the universe is. This is a mistake. Physics is about what we can say about the universe."


The idea of uncertainty is that we cannot determine with accuracy. God doesn't determine. He knows from the inside. He is the force of existence within everything. Even if there is no equation, He knows it because He gives its essence. There is a basis for the uncertainty concept within Kabbalah. The highest level that can be related to is Chachmah, which ...


as explained above, G-d instituted the Uncertainty principle as part of the framework of existence necessary for life. it is His invention so of course He is not bound to it. if you look into it further, you will see that like the other laws of physics, it is essential for the existence of life. how so? as explained here, without the uncertainty principle, ...


What HASHEM wants is his children to be good. Prayer, true heartfelt prayer, from someone that gives their all in the "right" path is pleasing to the Almighty as a child or pet's behavior will bring a smile to parent/owner. I believe this to be the case, I could be wrong though.

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