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A classic ancient source that discusses the revelation of the Shechinah is the Hagada Shel Pesach. During Magid we say וּבְמֹרָא גָּדֹל - זוֹ גִלּוּי שְׁכִינָה - and with Great Fear - this refers to the Revelation of the Shechina. When one merits a revelation of the Shechina one is overcome with great awe and fear of the almighty. Some of the prophets ...


The Ramchal in his book, Derech Hashem, understands the "Shechina" to be the revelation of G-d's presence. The Shechina is present in different degrees in various circumstances, including the ones you mention. The Shechinah is a perceivable phenomena. However, there are two major influences on the perception of the Shechinah: 1) The quality or degree of ...

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