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Only vessels owned by Jews have to be toiveled. Since the Glenfidich owners are probably non-Jews they don't have to toivel their machinery - and even if they did it would be meaningless.


Insofar as it sounds like the shoulder nut is not normally removable and is necessary for the proper functioning of the French press, I believe that not only does it not require tevilah (immersion in a mikvah) the fact that the Jewish owner must preform this assembly would negate the need for tevilah for the entire French press itself [presuming the repair ...


One should hold it loosely or dip his hand in mikva water first in order that the whole kli gets toiveled. source: Shulchan Aruch 120:3 : צריך שיהא הכלי רפוי בידו בשעת טבילה שאם מהדקו בידו הוי חציצה ואם לחלח ידו במים‏ תחלה אין לחוש. (ודוקא שלחלח ידיו במי מקוה אבל לא במים תלושים) (משמע ממרדכי פרק השוכר)‏:‏ One dipping is halachicly mandated ...

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