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Practically speaking, no food is ever placed directly on the oven rack save for bread to be warmed or toasted. As such one can rely on Rabbi Moshe Feinstein who says in his Igros Moshe Yoreh Deah 3 siman 24 that toasters don't need tevila being that you are not cooking or preparing the bread, but rather just drying it. And while its true that this drying is ...


Tosfos says explicitly (A"Z 75b sv אבל שואלין לא) that a utensil borrowed from another Jew would still be obligated in tevila - once the object is owned by a Jew, it becomes obligated in tevilas kelim, unlike a case where it's still owned by a non-Jew. Not sure why the star-k article linked to in the question says that, as long as the item still belongs to ...

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