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Machzor Vitri - page 114 says we say the verse Orech Yamim twice in order to complete the name of Hashem that is produced by doing so. וכופלין אורך ימים כדי להשלים השם היוצא ממנו Tashbatz 258, Maharam says we say it twice this way it has the numerical value of Kohanim, since the Chashmonoim when they went to war said 7 times Vyehi Noam and twice Orech Yamim ...


I wish to add to your 8 th note this is true. You see every thing God creat has a root of 7 connected to it He created the heavens and the earth look at the earth 7 continents. 7 oceans and seas. The North Star 7 stars the Big Dipper. Rainbow has 7 colores. There is 7 planets above us we are the 8 th. All the animals came to Noah in groups of 7 and 7 ...

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