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Bais Ashkenaz brings it as one of the Minhagei Ashkenaz. מוצאי שבת. לפני תפילת ערבית היו שרים מזמור קמ"ד בתהילים "לדוד ברוך ה'", ואחריו מזמור ס"ז "למנצח בנגינות".


Rav Moshe Eisemann wrote a book about Dovid HaMelech called "Music Made in Heaven" - the subtitle of the book is "some thoughts on Dovid Hamelech and Sefer Tehillim." He does not go systematically through Tehillim, but he uses Tehillim as a means of analyzing events in Dovid Hamelech's life. I think it could largely satisfy what you are looking for. It's ...

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