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According to the Babylonian Talmud, b. Pesahim 10:1, IV.34.A (Folio 111A), the meaning of "darkness" is in reference to demonic power. In the following passage cited, the literal allusions to tree shade are in reference to invisible darkness (demonic power), which is "darkness." Please click the image to enlarge. Conversely, the Talmud makes reference in ...


Tehilim is like (lihavdel) poetry it can be interpreted differently and the author had all the meanings in mind see Rashi on 23.2 ...David recited this psalm in the forest of Hereth (I Sam. 22:5). Why was it called Hereth? Because it was as dry as a potsherd (חרס) and the Holy One, blessed be He, moistened it with the good of the world to come (Mid. ...

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