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Metzudas David thereon apparently understands "b" and "c" to be the same thing. לחזות. לראות בנעימות תורת ה' : ולבקר. לדרוש בהיכלו בדבר מצות ה' Furthermore, Malbim understands "b" and "c" to be the reason for the request "a"; not requests in and of themselves. שבתי בבית ה' כל ימי חיי, הוא על הכוונה כדי לחזות בנועם ה' ולבקר בהיכלו, ואין בלבי כונה ...


Start again from alef (1). There are chassidim who say the chapter for earlier rebbeim also (eg. on that Rebbe's birthday), and they start again from alef. This is what I see people doing, though I'm not sure if there's any documented source for it.


Two possible explanations, according to Rash"i's commentary (who, BTW, cites 2 others - so it's not his own idea :-): Rashi on Psalms 27:4:1: ולבקר בהיכלו . ליראות שם בכל בקר ובקר כך פירשו דונש , ומנחם חברו עם לא יבקר בין טוב לרע ( ויקרא כ"ו ) , אבל דונש פתר לשון בוקר : My partial translation & expansion of Rash"i: To be seen daily (i.e. from ...


The division of the Tehillim is not meant to be just a way to say the entire Tehillim over the course of a month, rather it was split like this because each day of the month is different and has its own path to follow in the service of Hashem. Each days chapters' are special for that day. Similarly, the Psalm of the day (which the Leveim sang in the Beis ...

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