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Tehillim 22:17 (17 is the counting in Jewish editions) in the Masoretic text reads: יז כִּי סְבָבוּנִי כְּלָבִים עֲדַת מְרֵעִים הִקִּיפוּנִי כָּאֲרִי יָדַי וְרַגְלָי 17 For dogs have surrounded me; a band of evildoers has encompassed me, like a lion, my hands and feet. Rashi: like a lion, my hands and feet: As though they are crushed in a ...


According to Talmud (Berachot 60b), the morning blessings are each said associated with specific acts of getting up in the morning: "כי פתח עיניה לימא: "ברוך פוקח עורים"; כי תריץ ויתיב לימא: "ברוך מתיר אסורים When he opens his eyes let him say: "Blessed... Who openest the eyes of the blind." When he straightens himself and sits up let him say : ...


Rav Yosef Ber Soloveitchik (hereafter, “the Rav”) would sit for Ashrei, as implied by the Rambam מהל' תפילה פ"ט ה"ח. The Rav explained that by sitting together the group establishes itself as a congregation. -"השראה לה': תפילת לליל שבת לפי נוסח הגרי"ד סולובייצ'יק" - Edited and commentary by Micha Berger , page 1 fn. 1 (alt. link ...


Chapter 127 and 128 both include prayers for successful children. Chapter 119 is a general prayer for spiritual success, and would also be appropriate.

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