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The Maran in O Ch 111 (2) says that the Sheliach Tzibbur must repeat "Hashem Sefatai etc.," aloud in his repetition of the Amidah. MB[10] says it should be said quietly. Both agree that it has to be said. The Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash says "Hashem Sefatai," despite being outside the textual framework of the berakhot, is not merely an ...


In answer to your fist question, R' Pinkus in the introduction to שערים בתפילה points out that you are spending, hopefully, at least an hour a day davening. If you do not appreciate what you are saying, you are wasting an hour every day. If you spend 15 minutes a day to understand what you are saying, you are really gaining 45 minutes a day. He therefore ...


Nusach Sefard leaves out those words when saying Kiddush. Regarding Shalom Aleichem I know that Bobov leaves out that stanza.


There are those who do not say "tzaischem" because of the idea that you do not want to sent the malachim away. One does not say to a guest as soon as they arrive "When are you leaving". SImilarly, when royalty arrives, it is an insult to ask when they plan to leave. One wants the "Queen" to stay as long as she likes. Those who say tzaischem learn in a way ...

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