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I researched this for quite a while as I needed three pairs of tfilin (for different people, at different times). I ended up buying from HaSofer in their Jerusalem store, R Flumenbaum is a wonderful person, has a strong reputation and has significant inventory on hand. I asked a few questions and he had answers on the tip of his tongue. Best if you need ...


My understanding is that the filler material is needed to ensure the parallelism of the base with the rest of the tfilin, as the base is typically not thick enough on its own. There are special tfilin made in one piece but they are more expensive. See here for instance under "One Piece" and "Hardened" Tefillin. I remember researching this before buying my ...


Very nice and complete answer here from Rabbi Ari N. Enkin In a nutshell The first reason is related to the Mussaf liturgy. According to nusach sefard and sefardi, the Mussaf Kedusha opens with the words “keter yitnu lecha” (“We crown you, our Lord…”) referring to the teaching that the Jewish people, along with the angels, crown God as King of the world. ...


Hakham Ovadya Yosef z"l rules explicitly in Yabia `Omer (Orah Hayyim 2:2) - citing the view of the Rashba - that the concept of a hassissah only applies to the bayith and the upper arm, not to the straps, and especially not on the wrist. The question there is regarding a wristwatch, but it would by extension apply to anything being worn on the wrist. [As ...


this is not likely as Rashi held that time bound mitzvas in which women are not obligated they are also not permitted to fulfill also. this is a rumor which, I opine based on how it has always been used, was created to give credit to changes made by the haskalla but has no source in anything valuable


yes i know a habani the man who taught the guy in the video send your message to 'contact us' of this website http://www.abirwarriorarts.com/en to get hold of the aluph abir

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