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As @NoachmiFrankfurt mentioned above, and suggested I convert into an answer: Here's a partial answer: The MMA madrich gives requires a double-dalet knot http://www.moreshesashkenaz.org/en/guide. Furthermore, there are Sephardim, such as the London community, who also maintain this practice: https://sites.google.com/site/londonsephardiminhag/tephillin


The source for reciting the Hosea verses while wrapping the tefillin straps around the finger is Matzat Shmurim (מצת שמורים), written by the 17th century kabbalist Natan Shapiro hayerushalmi (d. 1667 in Italy). As a shalich derabanan (a rabbinic messenger sent from Israel to Jewish communities in the diaspora to collect funds), he was especially influential ...

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