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Comment --> answer. You can subscribe from their website. I'm under the impression that you can order back-issues of the journal, and possibly even digitally....try calling or emailing the Journal from the contact info on that page, LMK how that works out.


Danno's answer pretty much covers it. I would also recommend:http://www.ramaz.org/nusach/index.html, especially for good Ashkenazi davening. If you want resources for leining (reading Torah), this is a good website: http://learntrope.com/


Also try "Virtual Cantor": http://www.virtualcantor.com. It has .mp3 files that can be downloaded.


Using a Kindle is definitely permitted, as the Kindle did not even exist when the ancient texts were written, so they can't forbid it.


I could see parralels between this and the shabbat elevator, going on a boat ride from before shabbos untill after shabbos, and riding a bicycle on shabbas. Elevator According to the tzomet institute, the following criteria are required to make an elevator "kosher" for shabbat usage. What is needed for an elevator to operate as a "Shabbat elevator?" A ...


There is an argument in the Talmud as to whether an action that causes an unintended violation of the Shabbat is permissible to perform. (SOURCE TBA) Rabbi Yehuda claims that violations of Shabbat performed without direct intent are still forbidden (even Biblically, according to most Rishonim). For example if someone drags a bench across a field, ...

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