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Hashavas avaida app!! With pictures and geo tagging.


This answer will focus just on those aspects which are unique to a Mars Mission, as those relating to any long-distance visit to a foreign locale have been dealt with elsewhere. Travel in Space When does somebody living in space (e.g. ISS) observe Shabbat? Life on Mars These questions can be summarized as follows: For those Halakhot which depend on ...


No, not a Melacha DeOraysa. It's not permanent, and in fact requires constant active application of electricity to maintain. If you were to pull the plug, it would instantly disappear. As such, it would at most be an Issur DeRabbannan. Please see these questions for more information: Is it permissible to erase the name of G-d from an E-reader? Is ...


The reason that pas haba b'kisanin is not a hamotzi is because it is made in such a way that it is not eaten as bread (Beis Yosef 168 s.v. ומה), even though it still is bread (Rambam Hil. Berachos 3:9, although Taz 168:10 implies otherwise). Something which is added in but does not remove the bread from being eaten as normal bread does not create this ...

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