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The answer to this is probably based in the method by which most of those creams work. They are an acid, and essentially burn the hairs off of your face. This is the same basis as many chemical cleaners work off of. That is discussed a bit here. Would you use hydrogen peroxide to clean with on shabbat? (Other than for a medicinal purpose)


It's ok to venue shop, but you got to be machmir by deoraisas and makil by derbanans as per Avoda Zora daf zayin. This whole ask once and close your ears for life thing that has started up lately is just a by product of the recent break down in halachic process.


I'm the developer of this app and Salmononius2 is spot on. I never really considered it but I guess this could be an issue for non strictly observant users... Will try to add a 'Bli Neder' mention at some point Enjoy the app and Shabbat Shalom Jeremy

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