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Actually, the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, did give a response which can be found in his Igrot Kodesh when he was asked in the 1960's (might have been early 1970's). He said that he had nothing to add to the response of the Rebbe Rashab, Rabbi Shalom Dovber Schneersohn, on the question. The Rashab was asked specifically about the Radziner ...


The word "tekheiles" actually refers to a kind of blue wool; not the dye itself, but the dyed wool. Most hold that tekheiles must come from the chilazon. There is the opinion of the Tif'eres Yisrael (stated in his introduction to Seder Mo'eid, kelalei Bigdei Qodesh "hinei") that tekheiles is any colorfast blue wool of the right hue. According to him, the ...


You cite the Sifre Bamidbar 115 which states: ועשו להם ציצית שומע אני יעשה חוט אחד בפני עצמו ת"ל גדילים מכמה גדילים אתה עושה אין פחות משלשה דברי בית הלל ובית שמאי אומרים שלשה של צמר ורביעית של תכלת והלכה כבית שמאי But if you look at the Sifre Devarim 234, the other place in the Torah that talks about Tzitzit, it says: גדילים תעשה לך, למה נאמר לפי ...


The Techeiles Chabura ( sells Bada"tz certified, murex-dyed strings for slightly less than Ptil Tekhelet's American costs.

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