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The Ohr Olam edition Mishnah Berurah has summaries. Three volumes of hilchos shabbos now available.


I just ran across this translation from Mechon Hadar: מנהגא מילתא היא - custom has significant weight Edit The following phrase appears three times in the Talmud Yerushalmi: ולא דבר הלכה זו. אלא כל הלכה שהיא רופפת בבית דין ואין את יודע מה טיבה צא וראה היאך הציבור נוהג ונהוג. And this is not a halachic decision. Instead, any halachic ...


It means that something that has been firmly adopted by Klal Yisroel as a minhag acquires the force of halocho. See the following extract from a commentary on Maseches Niddoh by a Rav Yungerman ואין אנו צריכין להרבות דברים על זה, שהרי הוחזקו בנות ישראל שנוהגות איסור בכתמים, וקיימא לן מנהגא מילתא היא, כדרבי זירא דאמר [ס״ו ע״א] בנות ישראל הן ...


"There is an interest (importance?) in preserving the Minhag" Or a more literal translation, in a contemporary spirit: "The Minhag is a thing"


A minhag (customary behavior) of actual incidents or occurance. That is we consider it a minhag based on the actual circumstances of seeing what people do.


According to this site you can download a german translation of the Tanach by (Reform Rabbi[1]) Dr. Ludwig Philippson from here.


Mechon Mamre has the introduction translated interlinearly though not artscroll-style. Sefaria has a number of chapters (see here for one) translated with the english side-by-side, mostly in Sefer HaMadda. Because the translation is crowd-sourced (though moderated for accuracy) that "number" may be larger by the time you click the link. (full disclosure: I ...

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