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I just ran across this translation from Mechon Hadar: מנהגא מילתא היא - custom has significant weight Edit The following phrase appears three times in the Talmud Yerushalmi: ולא דבר הלכה זו. אלא כל הלכה שהיא רופפת בבית דין ואין את יודע מה טיבה צא וראה היאך הציבור נוהג ונהוג. And this is not a halachic decision. Instead, any halachic ...


According to this site you can download a german translation of the Tanach by (Reform Rabbi[1]) Dr. Ludwig Philippson from here.


If you want to specifically distinguish, I would go with corrective: something that corrects or counteracts something undesirable The Rabbis established a corrective. Bishul Yisroel is a Rabbinic corrective against intermarriage. But with the caveat that from my observation the distinction between takkana and gezeira is not regarded as important in ...


It means that something that has been firmly adopted by Klal Yisroel as a minhag acquires the force of halocho. See the following extract from a commentary on Maseches Niddoh by a Rav Yungerman ואין אנו צריכין להרבות דברים על זה, שהרי הוחזקו בנות ישראל שנוהגות איסור בכתמים, וקיימא לן מנהגא מילתא היא, כדרבי זירא דאמר [ס״ו ע״א] בנות ישראל הן ...


"There is an interest (importance?) in preserving the Minhag" Or a more literal translation, in a contemporary spirit: "The Minhag is a thing"


A minhag (customary behavior) of actual incidents or occurance. That is we consider it a minhag based on the actual circumstances of seeing what people do.

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