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According to this page on, it's Rabbi Chanina ben Hama, a student of Rebbi Yehuda haNasi. רבי חנינא "סתם" הוא רבי חנינא בר חמא , היה תלמידו של רבי יהודה הנשיא‏ Other sources: Ohr Yisroel Virtual BM


in chovos halevavos gate 9 ch.5 Do so in your heart and mind if you are unable to free your body to matters of the next world due to being so fully engaged with providing for your livelihood and maintenance, as our Rabbis mentioned on many (great men), who would toil in matters of this world, while being separate from it (in heart and mind), such ...


The Maharsha there s.v. על רגל אחת explains that Shamai was, in the two accounts in which he was holding the construction cubit (as he was not reported to be holding it in the first account), showing the questioner some important element of his response. The fellow who asked to be taught the entire Torah on one foot was being shown that just as a building ...


From here it would appear that there are 277 Tannaim and 1,292 Amoraim mentioned in the Talmudic-Midrashic literature. (Note: A number of Amoraim, e.g. Rav [Abba Arika] is also considered a Tanna according to some gemarot.)


The last Mishnah in Uktzin - perek 3 mishnah 12 - starts with a quotation from R' Yehoshua Ben Levi. Tosafos Yom Tov there says that according to the Rambam he is a Tanna. However, at the end of the Masechto, Tosafos Yom Tov disagrees and gives a reason why Rabeinu Hakodosh, the copiler of the Mishnah, put in this saying of R' Yehoshua Ben Levi, even though ...

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