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The gemara in Chullin 3a says that a tamei person can slaughter with a sharpened reed which cannot become tamei to avoid making the slaughtered animal tamei. This sharpened reed is a פשוטי כלי עץ (see Tosafos mentioned below) and is essentially a wooden knife (although I doubt whether practically speaking a knife made from other wood could be made sharp ...


Zav, Niddah, Zavah and Yoledet all have the same rules regarding משקין היוצאין liquids which come out of them, namely saliva (including nasal mucus), urine and semen (which are Avot HaTumah) as well as tears, blood from a wound and breast-milk (which are Vladot HaTumah). See Rambam Mishkav UMoshav at the end of the first chapter (15 and 16).


Closest I could find for you. Maseches Keilim chapter 15 is where we find the laws of pshutei kli eitz (from here on p.k.e.). While it is true that p.k.e. are not mikabel tumah on a dioraisa level, they are mikabel tumah on a rabbinic level. But this only applies to certain types of p.k.e. In mishna 2 we find that a kneading board which is a p.k.e. is not ...


R' Tzvi Elimelech from Dinov (as well as the Chayey Adam) said that קרטן (cards) has the same Gematria as Satan and was the Klippa which the Greeks wanted to introduce to the Jews. Someone also pointed out that there are 36 cards which are the opposite side to the 36 Masechtos.

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