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Yes, semen is still Tamei (Av HaTumah) and a lentil's worth of it would make other things Tamei (Velad HaTumah) through contact. You can remove this Tumah by dipping the clothing in the Mikvah. Why you would care to do so is not clear to me.


In order to understand how to detect tumah in a person one must find a person who is not tamei. Unfortunately, we don't have a kohen Gadol. But we can see partial holy people. I believe that Tumah effects ones way of thought. The following cant be taken that if one posesses one the mentioned traits below, then he is tamaei. Rather there is a uniqueness to ...


At a genetic level a heifer cloned is still a heifer. A heifer with genes modified to produce red pigmentation is a red heifer. However, the process by which it came to be may invalidate the sacred rarity that the red heifer is. Red heifers are hard to find in nature, and being able to produce them in masse might not bestow them with the halakchic ...

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