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This might not be a problem as the Rambam says non Jews do not create tumat ohel. (rambam tumat met 1,13) Although it is controversial in the Talmud see shut harambam (tumat met 1,13) debating whether non Jews create tumat ohel.


Remember that man for good and Chanania ben Chizkia is his name for if not for him the seffer Yechezkel would have been hidden, for his words contradict the Torah. What did he do, he brought three hundred barrels of oil and sat in the upper dwelling and expounded. Shabbos 13b. Just so happens that the things that Yechezkel said which contradicted the Torah ...


According to מעדני מלכים no. 187, citing the כסף משנה to Rambam, Hilchot Avel 2:1 that only things that are "מפורש בתורה ממש," only things that are absolutely explicit in the Torah are considered to be mitzvos on the Biblical level; if it's not absolutely clear, then it is considered to be "מדברי סופרים." He doesn't consider "שארו" to be absolutely ...


See Leviticus 11:29. Animals that walk on four paws, with their bodies clearly high off the ground (e.g. a dog or cat), have carcasses that would make you "ritually impure." The only smaller animals with this property are the seven "creepy-crawlies" listed there, e.g. a mole or mouse. So if you killed a mole or mouse and then touched it (or touched a dead ...

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