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in shulchan aruch harav siman tof reish chof tes sief zayin he writes regarding mats that are made for a few diffrent reasons that since they are not made for anything in particular therefore you go after the intention of the one buying it if his intentions are for a sukkah then they are not mikabel tumah so to in this case the 2x4s are bought with the ...


Chayim K'halacha question 223 - Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Blizinsky - says a Kohain may go on the paths that lead to Auschwitz however may not enter the area where the incinerators are.


Yes. Although there is a widespread custom to go to the mikva each morning, that custom is far from universal even among the most religious circles, and I have never in all my years heard of any hesitation to acting as prayer leader based on issues of keri.

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