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This seems to be dependent on the text of the Talmudic passage in Chagiga 10a. In conformance with the printed text of Rashi's commentary, the printed Talmud states: כיון שיוצא אדם מדבר הלכה לדבר מקרא - שוב אין לו שלום. ושמואל אמר: זה הפורש מתלמוד למשנה, ורבי יוחנן אמר: אפילו מתלמוד לתלמוד. "Rav said once a person leaves matters of halacha for ...


The point-by-point outline from is a good resource. You can subscribe to it by email, which is how I get it, though I've found the email to be a little erratic in the last year or so. They also publish a short compilation of background material on each daf along with other related materials. None of this is a substitute for the full text; ...


DafDigest is a great resource when learning the daf.


Rashi, a central commentator explains the biblical verse from Zecharyah 8:10 which he understands to refer to someone who leaves Torah study to study anything else. The Talmud then discusses others who have no peace. This section mentions someone who chooses to leave one source of learning and jump to another (and it seems, does so still expecting the same ...

1 revach l'daf (link goes to kidushin but they have for other tractates as well) has short summary with brief insight

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