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To flesh out Gershon's answer a bit more: You wouldn't just say "Rashi's comment on page 84a", as that would have you looking all over the page. Instead, each comment of Rashi is prefaced by the Talmudic phrase on which he's commenting. (In some newer editions it's bold or a different font, to help you locate it more easily.) This is known as דברי המתחיל, ...


Well to quote Artscroll Hakadosh: "מי יימר דמגנבא-who is to say that [the deposit] will be stolen" "ואם תימצי לומר דמגנבא-and even if you can say who is to say with certainty that it will be stolen" "מי יימר דמשתכח גנב -who is to say that the thief will be apprehended?" "ואי משתכח גנב-and even if the thief is apprehended," "מי יימר ...


ד"ה = Divrei Hamaschil / Hamatchil. It means the Rashi begins with these words. דברי / Divrei = the words המתחיל / Hamaschil / Hamatchil = that Rashi begins with This helps one find which Rashi the reference is referring to.


This is in a Mishna in Berachos 9:2. The meaning (as stated by Rabbi Ovadia Bartenura there) is that He does good to me and good to others.


livedaf.net has video and recordings. There are Pshat and elucidations separately.

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