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The ruling of the Alter Rebbe is when one starts wearing a tallis gadol they no longer recite the bracha on the tallis katan. The source in the sidur. Can be found in the blue annotated edition of Tehilas Hashem on page 9


there is no mitzvah to wear tzitzis at night time. tzitzis is a mitzvah which has a specific time to be fulfilled during. This is part of the reason women don't wear them b/c women are not obligated in those mitzvas which are time dependent. Even though it is not a mitzvah at night we don't require someone remove their tzitzis. Additionally like the kitzur ...


I don't think there should be any problem at all, but maybe you should remove the tallis or tallis katan while the tzitzis are untied, because having a length of 12 gudalim tied is required miD'rabbanan. If you untie the second knot (i.e. the second of five double knots, starting from the hole) you definitely would have to remove the garment, because ...

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