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The Shulchan Aruch 25:2 says that one should put on a Tallis Kattan and Tefillin at home, walk to Shul in them, and put His Tallis Gadol on in Shul. Other opinions say to put on the Tallis Gadol and Tefillin on at home, and walk to Shil like that. The Mishnah Brura 25:8 says that if one is worried of passing by Goyim or going through unclean places, he ...


The shulchan aruch brings up people used to put tefillin on at home and walk to shul but have stopped doing this to avoid having problems from goyim and bc of dirty condituons in cities. As a result many developed the minhag to at least put their tallis and tefillin on before walking unto the main part if the shul where they will be davening.


In 21, 3 the Rama wrote: שלא ליתנו לכובסת גויה .‏ Not to give Talit with tsitsit to a Gentile washwerwoman {Mishna Berura: instead, remove the Tsitsit before}. In Gemara, there seems to be an additional problem (Menachot 43a) {note that the cases of Gemara are when a man wants to sell a Talit, which the Shulchan Aruch treats in 20, 2, not when ...

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