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The religious significance in wearing a prayer shawl lies specifically in the tzitzit fringes themselves. Technically any garment of four corners can be used as a prayer shawl, so long as it has the tzitziyot on them. As for a non-Jew wearing tzitzit, there is nothing offensive or wrong with your wearing tzitzit so long as you are aware that you do so on a ...


They are still woolen. Since tallitot and tzitziot are under strict supervision, they are (wrongly?) assumed to be safe. Source: My uncle, a Toldos Aharon chassid.


I have also asked this question, and I was told by my yeshiva-educated fiancee who grew up going to a chabad shul because it was the only Orthodox shul within walking distance of his house the following. His understanding is that Chabad men who have never been married do not wear a tallis gadol ever even when being called up or as shatz. He contrasted this ...

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