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Most Chassidic Groups:1 On the yahrtzeit of a rabbi with connection to the group (either a previous rebbe, or someone with substantial influence on the group or that town's inhabitants). When their rebbe does, e.g. when his child gets married or is circumcised. On days when special joyous events happened to their past rebbes, e.g. they were freed from ...


The Siddur of the Alter Rebbe writes: "Minhag Sefarad: Any day on which Tachanun isn't said, Lamnatzeyach and Tefilla LeDovid aren't said either. For example, the whole month of Nissan, Peisach Sheini ... or any day on which their is a Bris in the Shul, or a Chosson for the [seven] days of partying" (emphasis mine). These aren't calendrical days.


I'm not sure about Chabad, but Sepharadim either include all of the following or omit all of the following. They never say only some of them: Psalm 20 Psalm 86 Tachanun Two other parts of the service have the exact same conditions on when they are said as the above three parts, with the added factor that they are only said on certain days of the week. ...


This Young Israel publication says (summarised) that in cases of doubt or of differing views the poskim say to tendsto leniency with regard to tachanun. One should omit tachanun, rather than include it. Some suggest the reason based on the inclusion of the shlosh esrai midos. which should never be recited without proper kavanah. However, not all versions ...


Those who do say Tachanun probably do so because 14 Iyar is not listed as a day where Tachanun was customarily omitted by the Tur, anyone quoted in the Beit Yosef or Bach, by the Shulchan Aruch and its Mapah, the Levush, the Eliya Rabba, the Taz, the Magen Avraham, the Beiur haGra, the Chayei Adam, the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the Mishna Berura and others. ...


According to Machzor Vitri the Shliach Tzibbur says ......אל ארך אפים ורב חסד ואמת and the congregation responds with ......אל ארך אפים מלא רחמים. This is done immediately prior to opening the Ark for the reading of the Torah. This would indicate that the placement did not change. However the question remains why do we say only one or the other.


The reason I believe we don't say tachanun on Tisha ba'av is because it is considered a holiday in Eicha because eventually we will celebrate Tisha ba'av as a holiday. According to this, one should still say it because at the present time its not a holiday and saying tikkun chatzot is still needed. There are also two tikkuns ,tikkun Rachel Tikun Leah. The ...

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