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The Ramma in siman 131 siff 2 brings from the Beis Yosef who quotes a Rokeach -- The Rokeach also writes in siman 324 not to 'fall' unless in front of a seffer torah. And a siman for this is found in the war against Ay (Yehoshua 7, 6) 'and he fel lon his face in front of the aron'." The Beis Yosef concludes by saying if it's accepted (kabbala), ...


See Mishna B'rura (108:11), who indicates that the repetition of the amida does not create a problematic interruption since the person is still involved in the first prayer. Thus, it appears that the person should wait and say tachanun and ashrei with the congregation.


Shaare Efrayim 10:27 indicates it's not said on 9 Av.


My rav explained that Tachanun (which, is part of your question, per se, not necessarily the direct reason why Avinu Malkeinu) is omitted on occasions of either "extreme" - extreme joy or extreme sadness. Yom Tov is "extreme joy" so Tachanun is omitted. In a house of mourning during the week of shiva, Tachanun is also omitted. This is a location & time ...

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