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While the rabbinic understanding is sourced in Talmud Bavli Berachot 35b, it is based on the specific biblical (albeit, Ketuvim) application of 'to gladden/be happy' found in Psalms 104:15.


As an answer one can say like this. But first one must ask: What is wrong with woman inheriting? Why was Moshe Rabainu unsure about it? What is so 'surprising' that the women 'wanted' the land who wouldn't? The answer is the Erets Yisroel comes at a price. It has a kedusha which has to be kept. Moshe was not sure that women were up to it. Hashem answered ...


Perhaps it is because the theme of the Pesach offering(s) is the unity of the Jewish people whereas the Sukkot offerings are on behalf of the nations of the world and hence perhaps incorporate a theme of the diversity of the seventy nations (see http://ohr.edu/2349).

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