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Similar in some ways to Ypnypn's suggestion, the "Shtieblach" minyan factory in Beis Yisrael has a machine in every shtiebl that takes money to pay for the air conditioning. If no one pays, or if the money runs out, the AC turns off. The cost is 2 NIS (~50 cents) per quarter hour. I'm reasonably certain that those funds are used to help defray the costs of ...


I know of one synagogue that has a medium-sized membership, but has the most daily minyanim in the city. The result is, they have many people who come for a prayer service here and there, but don't consider themselves members. The synagogue began posting signs all over the place, asking everyone who comes to pay "a dollar a day" - one dollar for every day ...


Supplementing (and expanding) on Gershon Gold's ideas, here's what I think has worked in my shul: High Holiday seats, believe it or ot, generate a huge part of our shul's annual income. You may think this is "internal", and for the majority, it is. But, our shul has advertised its services in local (and neighboring community) newspapers as well. Also, ...


A few ideas that have been done in the synagogues I have prayed at. 1 - Raffle sales 2 - Guest Lectures 3 - Yearly Melave Malka or Yearly dinner with entertainment or guest speaker All these ideas draw in outsiders.


Yes. The Jerusalem Talmud (Tractate Megillah) quotes Rav Imi telling his assistant that if a scholar should visit and need to sleep in the Synagogue, he should let him, and allow him to bring his donkey and other objects in as well. This opinion is codified in the Ran in Tractate Megillah. Rav Moshe Feinstein in his Responsa writes, ...


In the United Kingdom, Liberal, Reform, and Masorti congregations use the word "synagogue". Some Liberal communities use the term "congregation". The word "temple" is not used for any of the denominations in the UK.

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