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It is just a nice minhag, and not Halacha. The lifting is done when we mention the Tora, not when Hashem's name is recited. It is to indicate that this is the Tora we are talking about (and no other).


Although many sources say that the Luchos was squared, Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi quoting a Zohar in Parshas Yisro and the Ramak רבי משה קורדובירו says that it was squared at the bottom and rounded on the top.


Artscroll (Hebrew siddur) brings a Daas Torah in Orach Chaim siman 56 quoting a Kol Bo siman 7 who writes "when the Chazzan says Barchu he bows (כורע) and straightens up by the name of Hashem. And such is common practice."


Kitzur S.A. Yalkut Yosef 57:8 says that the Chazan should bow "a bit" with the word Barchu and stand up at Hashem's name. The Kehot annotated siddur says to remain bowed the entire Barchu and then bow again at Baruch and stand up at Hashem's name.


In my shul in Montreal, the list of names of the sick is growing all the time. It seems to me that we should do the mi shehbayrach for those who are sick today or very recent, and those who are having an operation. However, those who are chronically sick, should be reduced to perhaps once a week. This is one solution. Another solution would be to divide ...


All contemporary Orthodox poskim are in view that the reform movement, since denying commitment to the Tora is in fact like "raising it's hand against the Tora" (Meirim Yad Be-Toras Israel), hence it is forbidden to attend. The Gmara (Shabes, page 116) states that you are not allowed to enter their synagogue even when they are not davenning. Most poiskim ...

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