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After the communal Torah reading on sabbath mornings, most Ashkenazic congregations recite this prayer: He who blessed our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, should bless this entire holy congregation, along with all other holy congregations, them, their wives, children, and all that is their. Those who designate synagogues for prayer; those who pray in ...


In the "Siddur Vilna" immediately preceding Mincha they print what's entitled "Prayer Before Doing Business". It's not clear where this prayer comes from, but I'm not sure how much that matters (רחמנא ליבא בעי).


There is an "addition" for Parnasa that is printed in the Art Scroll and can be inserted into the prayer Shema Koleinu. The prayer in the Amidah that begins "Barech Aleinu" is generally intended for agricultural success in the land, but not individual parnasa as such. There are other prayers for Parnasa that appear in many siddurim and are intended to be ...


We've had related questions from prospective converts and one that asks specifically how to behave in a particular group's shul. This answer will overlap with answers there, but I'm going to focus specifically on the "Christian visitor" aspect of your question, because even though prospective converts can visit, you might not automatically generalize that ...


Reform or reconstructionist synagogues should be ok. Conservative I believe too. As far as orthodox synagogues go, I dont think it is a good idea.

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