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A relative of mine (no further source available) suggested that on Pesach, we became a new nation. Just as one is extremely careful with a newborn infant, for whom an injury or illness can be much more severe than for an adult, one is extremely careful with the laws of Pesach - the holiday of the nation's birth.


According to the Beit Yoseph, certain sirchos are kosher without any further bedika (examination). These are sircha c'sidran and sircha b'dophen tsar. An animal which has such sirchot is kosher Beit Yoseph, but is not chalak. If it has no sirchos at all, it is chalak. The Rama himself did not allow those sirchos which the Beit Yoseph allowed, in fact the ...


Here is the second part of the answer: The first part with background information is here Finally we get to the main question. In Niddah 66a ( נידה פרק י דף סו,א ) we have: אמר רב יוסף אמר רב יהודה אמר רב התקין רבי בשדות ראתה יום אחד תשב ששה והוא שנים תשב ששה והן שלשה תשב שבעה נקיים אמר ר' זירא בנות ישראל החמירו על עצמן שאפילו רואות טפת דם כחרדל ...


Is חומרת רבי זירה a Minhag or a Codified Halacha and how and why did it originate? This is a difficult and sensitive question. There are many Talmidai Chachamim on both sides of this question. In order to answer this question properly I feel it’s important to give some context and clarify what I am talking about and also what I am NOT talking about. So ...

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