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Chicago Community Kollel - Parsha Encounters 4 Shevat 5768 in the name of Rabbi Yisrael Belsky Shlita, says that one may flip a coin to make a decision. When one flips a coin and makes a decision based on the results, he does not feel his decision is necessarily the right thing to do. Rather, he was undecided, and he is leaving his decision up to ...


I ve build the list of the entire mishnaiot with their prakim and number of mishnaiot We join a group of 36 people in our synagogue, so everybody choose 120 mishnaiot, and are reciting/studying 2 mishnaiot per day, so the group will finish the entire shas mishna in 60 days. (36 people X 2 mishnaiot per day X 60 days = 4320...the entire shas has 4192 ...


you cannot split it by both chapters and daf. it's either one or the other since dafim overlap in chapters. closest thing I know of is this though there is some overlap as before http://hadranalach.com/index.php?action=t_view&id=16#tabs here is a word doc version http://hadranalach.com/static/shas_lefi_daf.docx

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