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It is very difficult to find accurate statistics on divorce, and differences between countries are so great that any answer can only be useful from a specific countries' perspective. Finding prevalence statistics specifically focused on shidduchim is even harder. On of the problem of using divorce statistics is that part of the high reported rates of divorce ...


The data you want (except the secular calendar stuff) is all here: For instance, you can note that in years where Marcheshvan has 30 days, the first day of Chanukka falls on the same day of the week as Rosh Hashana, and in years where Marcheshvan has 29 days, the first day of Chanukka falls on the one day of the week ...


The word גשם occurs at an etnachta only in Prov 25:23, where it has a kamatz. It occurs at a sof pasuk four times (1 Kings 18:41, 18:44, Zech 14:17, Eccl 12:2), each time with a kamatz. All occurrences of גשם on lesser disjunctives are with a segol (Gen 7:12, etc.).


Dvarim 7:7 and Dvarim 4:27 would be my guess. The LORD did not set His love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people—for ye were the fewest of all peoples And the LORD shall scatter you among the peoples, and ye shall be left few in number among the nations, whither the LORD shall lead you away.


It think there are 304805 letters in a Sefer Torah but 304850 or 304848 letters in the text as found in a famous manuscript, the 'Leningrad codex', which many academics use. Sefaria is based on the Leningrad codex from I haven't seen a list of the differences, but an example is האלילם/האלילים in Leviticus 19:4.


In the hakdama to Be'er HaGolah, the Maharal explains that the most intense kedusha (holiness) is always expressed in the smallest, or most condensed, manifestation in this world. Thus, the smaller the area of the mikdash (temple), the greater its level of kedusha. So too the Jewish people, as the holy nation, have the smallest manifestation in this world.

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