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You may need to get a better sense of the evolvement of what we currently call "Tachanun" and what Nefilat Apai'im refers to, as they are not the same thing. I'm excerpting various ideas from several articles that were compiled into a single Beurei Hatefilah newsletter. Since this is in PDF. I may have trouble copying and pasting some sections, so I'll ...


The ArtScroll RCA siddur (Kol Yaakov) is more clear about it (page 132), specifically saying to keep your head down until יבשו רגע (the end of that paragraph). The ArtScroll Chinuch siddur (Chaim Shlomo) also has the "text on this page" instruction, but there, only the ויאמר דוד paragraph is there. [Yes, i know it's actually a sentence and a paragraph. I ...

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